Hello! I am a software engineer with over 20 years of experience. I enjoy developing software applications that solve various business problems. It is very satisfying to understand requirements of end users and enable them to achieve their goals through the use of software.

As such I spend a lot of time writing software for my own self, as well as volunteer my time for other organisations.

If you would like to hire me, see below for some of the services I offer.

Web Development

Whether you want a simple marketing web page setup, or a more complex web application complete with user logins, registrations and custom functionality, I can help! I can create WordPress sites, as well as custom web sites from scratch depending on your needs.

Mobile Apps

I specialize in cross platform mobile applications. These are built on a platform called Xamarin, that enable you to have an application that can be deployed to multiple mobile platforms (iOS, Android) all at the same time.


I build API’s for consumption by other applications/clients, or for use in your own software applications.

Database and Desktop Applications

Sometimes a desktop application is the only way to go. I will work with you to determine your needs and build database and desktop applications just as easily as web and mobile apps.